2017 Demo

by reveries

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released May 17, 2017

Vocals: Mike Green
Drums: Joe Giamo
Bass: Nick Egersheim
Guitar: Peter Mendola



all rights reserved


reveries Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Screamo.

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Track Name: An Undelivered Letter
Preaching your dreams and your aspirations,
you tell the stories of a person that you wish to be.
Here I sit quietly and wool-gather your fantasies.
I knit a blanket out of your hopes, I build a fire from your ambition,
and from your courage, I have built a dwelling large enough for two.

Come in close. Come in closer to me. Don't you leave.
Hide within me. I will save you when the darkness falls.
Hide within me. I will scare off your demons.
Hide within me. No one will find us here.

Not once will depression reign supreme in your curious mind.
Trust me with your fair-skinned hand. Preserve it here in mine.
Let us race through these woods. Fight the tangles of overgrowth.
I will clear us a faultless path with promise made that you will stay close to me.
Climb to the tops of the tallest of trees.
Conquer that rock on the highest peak.
Take a second and look to the stars.
Realize then, that this world is ours.
Track Name: Rainwater Drowning
Here it is, Another storm. One more day of rainwater drowning.
Searching far and wide to find where you have gone to hide.
It's been days, now weeks, now months with no replies.

[one last call] are you safe out there?
[one last call] is it dry out there?
All alone in the warmth of this riverbed, I will sleep this off.

You're now in wedlock, I'm still tangled miles away from you.
You're now with child, I'm still tangled miles away from you.
You have finally escaped. How free do you feel?

I will seek shelter here. I found comfort under the high falls bridge.
Here is where I grow old. Here's where I feel at home.
I will seek shelter here. I'll dry my hide until the storm has passed.
Here is where I grow old. Here's where I feel at home.

Dreading the treading, watching water levels rise.
I've been fearing the dive, knowing that I won't survive.
I can't seem to keep my head over the crest of the crash.
I guess I'll dive right in.
Track Name: Low Doses
Effortless performances of a character I have groomed to perfection.
These low doses have defined me.

With my clouded thoughts. With my blurry vision.
With a loss of balance. With a slurring tongue.
I'm escorted home only by sidewalk cracks,
and a fear of being left alone.

I come stumbling through the door half past three a.m.
I am feeling free. I am standing tall. I am taking a bow.
I tried to fool myself today.
I caught myself thinking that I had grown adjusted.

A filthy god damn lie. I don't deserve my respect.
A filthy god damn lie. I haven't earned my keep.
A filthy god damn lie.

This machine will only run on tainted oil.

The truth is, the poisons have a horrid hex on me.
[they are taking over everything]
The truth is, I live in fear of my sobriety.
[they are taking over everything]